Elektriskās slēdzenes

HM-K29 ~ Elektriskā slēdzene

HM-K29 ~ Elektriskā slēdzene

Kods: 008345
Cena: 73.70EUR

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Model HM-K29
Mortise Bolt Lock & Surface Bolt Lock Power to lock
Power Source 12VDC ± 10%
Current Consumption 180mA
Lock Delay Setting 2.5 ~ 5 seconds setting available
Unlock Dry Contact Grey: COM / Purple: NC / White: NO (110VAC/1A, 24VDC/2A)
Lock Dry Contact Grey: COM / Purple: NO / White: NC (110VAC/1A, 24VDC/2A)
Position Installation On top of the door / side of the door
Door Detection NC.01A / 30VDC, Green: COM, Blue: NC
Operating Temperature From -10°C to +50° C
Weight 330g (morise bolt lock) / 512g (surface bolt lock)