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Patch panelis 1U-19" - RJ45x24porti MELNS Cat.6 UTP

Patch panelis 1U-19" - RJ45x24porti MELNS Cat.6 UTP

Kods: 009280
Cena: 27.23EUR

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Data sheet Width: 19 inches   Depth: 82 mm   Producer: Netrack   Class Of Product: Patchpanel 19"&10"   Net Weight: 0.65 kg   Colour: black-yellow   Number Of Ports: 24   Type Of Connector: RJ45   Category: 6   Wiring Type: UTP Dodatkowe informacje for vertical mounting (ASA) 19” UTP RJ-45 jack from front side connector are described form rear side by port number and colour coding for wiring please use the IDC 110-tool or Krone-tool hooks to attach the cable bundle - push-in transparent plastic frames - for paper strips 4 groups of 6 RJ45 jacks on the panel Dual block connector from rear side 4 pcs of screws are required for assembly shelf for cable management from rear side of patch panel front panel is equipped with port identification field – push-in transparent pla channel identification strips – 4 pcs of 6 field