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STX ~ 35 Kanālu breloks ar taimeri 433.92MHz 200m

STX ~ 35 Kanālu breloks ar taimeri 433.92MHz 200m

Kods: 003540
Cena: 39.91EUR

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35 kanālu vadības pults (8 kanāli ar taimera programmēšanu automātiskai vadībai)

Uztveršanas attālums


Barošanas avots

CR2450 baterija

Darbības frekvence

433.92 MHz

Model STX
Standby Current 5 µA
Transmitting Power <10 mW
Battery CR2450 battery
Low Battery Indicator Yes
Working Range 200 m
Channel Count 35 channels including 8 timer programmable for automatic control
Dimensions 127(L) x 41(W) x 17(H) mm
Working Frequency 433.92 MHz
Elmes STX programmable transmitter with real time clock timer is designed for manual and automatic wireless control of window rolling shutters, rolling doors, moving gates and other electrically operated equipment. It offers 35 control channels including 8 channels (1…8) with programmable timing of automatic opening and closing commands. Each programmable channel feature independent weekly timing mode and can be user programmed for automatic open/close control of shutters in selected, or all days of week, once or twice daily. Number of rolling shutters or other equipment that can be controlled by the STX transmitter is unlimited and the only limit is practical operating distance ranging from up to 200m in open field to 20m in buildings with concrete walls. Elmes STX transmitter can control rolling shutters only with installed Elmes made control receivers: STM, ST or ST6H. It also operates with Elmes made universal wireless control receivers: UMB, DWB, CH4H, CH8H and CH20H. Radio control signals sent by the STX transmitter are protected with Keeloq® dynamic encoding system allowing highest security level. The transmitter is powered with one CR2450 lithium-ion battery. Under normal operating conditions, assuming average use of ten times daily, the battery is estimated to last minimum five years. Prior to first use battery insulating plastic strip should be pull