MG6250 ~ Bezvadu apsardzes panelis 64 zonas 2 rajoni 433MHz

MG6250 ~ Bezvadu apsardzes panelis 64 zonas 2 rajoni 433MHz

Kods: 005195
Cena: 251.70EUR

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Zonu skaits

Līdz 64 bezvadu zonam

Rajonu skaits

2 rajoni


8 bezvadu PGM


Līdz 15 vadu un līdz 4 bezvadu tastaūrām

Darbības frekvence

433.92 MHz


Bezvadu apsardzes konsole

Model MG6250
Zone Count Up to 64 wireless zones
Partition Count 2 partitions
Communication Bus 4-wire communication bus (Supports 15 keypads and 3 ZX8 / ZX8SP modules)
Reporting Simultaneous 5-channel reporting (GPRS / GSM / SMS / Voice / Landline)
PGM 8 wireless PGMs
Wireless Accessories Supports up to 4 K37 keypads, up to 4 SR150 sirens and up to 4 RPT1 repeaters
Event Buffer 256 event buffer
Users 16 users and 16 remote controls
GPRS14 Module Support Yes (Quad-band GPRS/GSM module with 2 SIM cards)
Speakerphone Via GSM or landline
Built-in Voice and Reporting Utility Yes (Up to 8 telephone numbers)
Full voice-assisted remote system access via GSM Yes
Family Message Center Up to 30 sec. w/ time stamp
Siren Built-in 90 dB
StayD Mode Support Yes
Clock with Alarm Yes
Working Frequency 433.92 MHz