RTX 3 ~ Bezvadu paplašinājuma modulis 433.92MHz

RTX 3 ~ Bezvadu paplašinājuma modulis 433.92MHz

Kods: 004596
Cena: 65.35EUR

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Bezvadu paplašinājums

Ļauj SP un EVO apsardzes paneļiem pieslēgt līdz 32 bezvadu detektoriem


2 transistora PGM izejas, 150mA / 1 releja izeja, 5A / 28Vdc

Barošanas avots


Bezvadu PGM

8 ar EVO apsardzes paneļiem / 16 ar SP apsardzes paneļiem

Darbības frekvence

433.92 MHz

Model RTX3
Power Input Voltage 12 Vdc
Sensitivity -120 dBm
Current Consumption 50 mA
PGM Outputs 3 PGMs (PGM 1 & 2 – 150 mA PGM transistor outputs / PGM 3 – form C relay output rated at 5A / 28Vdc, NC / NO)
Accessories Di-pole antenna, error correction algorithm
Expansion 2-way expansion module which enables control panels to support up to 32 wireless zones (Spectra SP and EVO control panels)
Wireless PGMs 8 with EVO control panels / 16 with Spectra SP control panels
Additional Module Support Supports 2 RPT1 modules / Supports 8 K37 wireless keypads (Spectra SP only)
Maximum Number of Remote Controls 32 with Spectra SP control panels / 999 with EVO control panels
RF Jamming Supervision Yes
Low Battery, Tamper and Check-In Supervision Yes
Transmitter Signal Strength Display Yes
Noise Level Test and Indication Yes
Operating Temperature From 0°C to +50°
Weight 24 g
Dimensions 150 x 160 x 30 mm
Working Frequency 433.92 MHz