2*1.0 BVV-PLL elektrības kabelis

2*1.0 BVV-PLL elektrības kabelis

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Technical data
Conductor resistance at +20°C In accordance with LST EN 60228+AC
Conductor working temperature, max. +70°C (under normal conditions) + 160°C (in the event of short circuit)
Thermal shock 1 h at +150°C
Rated voltage U/U0 300/500 V
High voltage test, kV 2 kV
Minimum bending radius > 5 times the cable diameter
Operating temperatures Mounting -5°C - +40°C Operating -30°C - +70°C
Flame propagation Flame test in accordance with LST EN 60332-1-2
Conductors Flexible, annealed copper, class 5 in accordance with LST EN 60228+AC
Insulation PVC insulation compound type TI1, TI2 in accordance with LST EN 50363-3
Core colours Cores colours in accordance with LST HD 308
Sheath PVC insulation compound type TM 1, TM 2 in accordance with LST EN 50363-4-1
Sheath colour White, braun, grey or upon customer request
Grounding core Green/yellow in accordance with LST EN 50396
Number of cores 2
Cross-sectional area of cores, mm² 1
Radial thickness of insulation, mm 0.4
Radial thickness of sheath, mm 0.6
Cable approx. weight, kg/km 35
Width, mm 3.23
Thickness, mm 5.26
Laying In outside