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TR6100 ~ Staru detektors 100m 20-28v

TR6100 ~ Staru detektors 100m 20-28v

Kods: 008273
Cena: 250.91EUR

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Operating Voltage: 20V to 28V DC Current Parameters: Standby 23mA, commission 56mA, alarm 33mA Beam Sensor Sensivity: level 1 2.6dB, level 2 3.8dB, level 3 5.8dB Beam Patchway Lenght: 8-100m adjustable Beam Patch Angle: ±0.4° Alignment Guide: Laser Beam Pointer Digital Display Guide: Nixie tube LED Indicators: Red, yellow, green Reset Time: 2 sec Relay Contacts: NC, NO, 2.0A 30VDC Operating Temperature: -10°C to 50°C Ingress Protection: IP30